The Hourglass Club

If you’re reading this, it’s because we think you’re awesome.

Elevation's Hourglass Club celebrates the Crested Butte community and the spirit of coming together in the mountains. Members get exclusive access to the Hourglass Menu, which includes special pricing on signature drinks, dishes, and more. 

Before we raise a glass, please review the playbook below. We ask that you honor these guidelines so we can continue the Hourglass program into the future.

  1. You must present your Hourglass Club card BEFORE ordering at José or the billy barr.  Our associates won’t be able to look you up by name or retro-apply any discounts.

  2. Hourglass Club pricing extends to you + up to 4 additional guests (sitting together).

  3. Please refrain from giving your card to non-Hourglass members and/or abusing the program.

We reserve the right to update the rules or change offerings as deemed necessary.