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  • Outdoor Recreation

Elevation Hotel & Spa is perfectly located at the base of Mt. Crested Butte with easy access to many outdoor activities, including biking, hiking and backpacking, boating, climbing, fishing, and off highway vehicle riding. Explore the information below and plan your next adventure today. 

  • Biking Website

Crested Butte was one of the first places in the world where people started taking their bikes off roads and into the mountains for fun. With more than 750 miles of trails to ride, Crested Butte and Gunnison provide a gold mine of biking trails. Click HERE for more information on everything biking, trails, and gear.

  • Hiking and Backpacking Website

Ranging from easy to difficult, Crested Butte offers nine hiking and backpacking trails that all explorers - even the littlest ones - will enjoy. Take the lift up to the Crested Butte Summit Trail or start from town on the Green Lake Trail. Find more information on Crested Butte-Gunnison trails HERE.

  • Boating Website

Just around the riverbend are amazing whitewater and flatwater boating locations throughout Crested Butte-Gunnison. During summer, the runoff from winter snow creates breathtaking waterfalls for avid boaters. Learn more about all kinds of boating offered in Crested Butte HERE.

  • Climbing Website

Including desert granite and alpine limestone, the Crested Butte area is filled with some of the most distinct rock climbing in Colorado. Adventurers can get their climbing fix with Cement Creek and Upper Loop Boulders. Discover other rock climbing locations and more information HERE.

  • Fishing Website

Gunnison Valley fishing is known for its monster trout and natural beauty. Colorado's largest body of water, Blue Mesa Reservoir, is filled with active Rainbow trout from June to August. Visit HERE for more information on cycles and patterns, along with stream, river, and lake fishing recommendations.

  • OHV Website

Looking to get a little dirty? Then Crested Butte has the ultimate Off Highway Vehicle spots for you. Check out the old mining roads and trails of Cement Creek and Brush Creek that lead to spectacular views. Explore more about OHV, including routes, regulations, and registration HERE.